Chernivtsi, ul.Gertsena, 1А
Chernivtsi, ul.Gertsena, 1А

Tesla presented electric truck with self-driving gear

American manufacturer of self-driving cars Tesla Inc. has announced the appearance of first electric truck with self-driving gear the night from Thursday to Friday. This electric truck has become the first one at company history and has got the title Tesla Semi.

Paid roads: how it works in Byelorussia

Byelorussia has quality, fast roads with ideal coverage. Drivers drive up to 120 km/h on paid roads, connecting Byelorussia and Russia, Litva, Ukraine and Poland.

Logistics of the future

Modernization of logistics processes in future will provide the possibility to make logistics more optimized and perfect.

Ukraine will adopt the laws regulating multi-modal transportations

This law is designed to define organizational and legal grounds, create favorable conditions for the development and further improvement of multi-modal (combined) transportations.


Specific traits of international transportations

Modern businesses can’t avoid from using international transportations: one way or another nearly all company needs such service.


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